Fixtech — Buy PPE with Confidence

We offer only Certified & Approved PPE
  • All Certifications backed by verified reports from world leading inspection companies
All manufacturers fully vetted for quality and reliability
  • We continue to develop additional production capacity
Competitively Priced
  • No bidding wars; no price gouging
  • Price sheet available upon request
We can fulfill large orders for a wide range of equipment types
  • All PPE is shipped straight from the manufacturer
  • Firm commitments from manufacturers for fixed output quantities every week allows our customers to plan ahead with confidence
  • Reliable supply chain means your ongoing needs will be consistently met

Selling Direct and via Partners

Fixtech sells PPE and related services in two ways

1. We sell directly to health care providers
Customers have access to our supply chain expertise and associated services needed
2. We work with channel partners
Channel partners and their customers have access to the same expertise and services as our direct customers

Our Supply Chain Partners make Fixtech more than just another PPE Vendor

Peace of Mind
Our US US-based global logistics partner, Radiant Global Logistics, is the same company used by FEMA, providing the assurance that PPE is securely transported from the factory to your loading dock.
Flexible Storage & Delivery Options
Our US distribution partner, with warehouses across the country, can store customers' PPE "overflow" inventory until it is needed. MultiMulti-location health care providers can allow each business unit to order against company inventory as needed.

A Respected Supply Chain Solutions & Management Company

Fixtech Medical started as a supply chain solutions and management company, building and managing supply chain solutions for client companies around the world.
We have been in the supply chain business for over 20 years, gaining a reputation as one of the most experienced and respected players in China, leveraging the country’s unique manufacturing capabilities and cost advantages.
Our strong track record working with manufacturers and suppliers in China has allowed us to satisfy client companies across many industries, including brands such as Foot Locker, Dunkin Donuts and Nike.

We are also a PPE Vendor

Fixtech is also a vendor of PPE

Our PPE customers benefit from our supply chain expertise in many ways, setting us apart from most other vendors

  • Our relationships with manufacturers enable us to lock in production capacity, which enables us to make solid commitments to customers for ngoing supply in the long term.
  • Customers can place realistic orders with guaranteed monthly deliveries, with the confidence that orders will be fulfilled without interruption
  • We can arrange US storage for customers’ PPE, with various ordering and delivery options (e.g. for each location across a chain of facilities)